Sunday, September 20, 2009

AM week 310-312


Term 3 of Animation Mentor is officially done, which means now the focus changes from body mechanics to acting. Next term will be "Introduction to Acting", so things get more interesting, and also more difficult.

Thanks a ton to my Mentor George Schermer for all the help and support throughout the term, and thanks also to my classmates and other AM buddies for all the awesome critiques and comments. It's really an amazing community :)

For now I wanted to upload my finished ape animation, which I'm fairly happy with. It was my first real quadruped animation, and the rig wasn't actually built for 4-legged motion, but it worked fairly well after adjusting some of the rotation orders and the lenghts of arms and legs.
Moreover I updated my Progress Reel, which we have to upload at the end of each term.
The current reel shows all my animations from term 1-3 in reverse order, at the very end you'll find a few renderings, which look a little nicer than the maya playblasts.


Finished Assignment 3 of Advanced Body Mechanics

Progress Reel Class 3 (10 mb, can take some time to load)

So the first half of Animation Mentor is done, really crazy how time flies.
However I'm looking forward to the next term, now I need an idea for the pantomime shot and some good audio clips for the upcoming dialogue shot.

Have a great week!

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  1. AMAZING work, man! Karen pointed me to your blog. Can't wait to see your next shot!


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