Monday, December 21, 2009

AM Class 4 Acting Assignment

Hey guys!

Last Friday was the last day of the fall term, so Class 4 (Introduction to Acting) is finished and I can enjoy a 2 week break over Christmas. The second assignment this term was a dialogue piece with one character. We had to find an inspiring audio clip from a movie, which has some emotion, pauses, an interesting voice, breaths and preferably no profanity and swearing :)

I chose a clip from "The Odd Couple" because I liked the voice and the quirky character. I'll upload the blocking, blocking plus and the polishing, although we had a few more passes to refine the shot and make changes as the mentor suggested.

There is no real facial animation yet, because AM wants the students to focus on the body language first, so the rig did not feature mouth shapes for lipsync or detailed eye and brow controls. Basically we could only animate the jaw opening, the lids closing and the eye direction. Brows and lipsync will be added in the first 2 weeks of the next term - Advanced Acting.

The big assignment next term will be a 2 person sequence with several single shots.

Ok, feedback is welcome as usual!! I hope to light and render the shot once the full facial animation is done.

Many thanks to Marek Kochout, who was an amazing Mentor throughout the term, as well as to all my classmates and AM friends. Your support and feedback helped so much!

Only 2 more terms to go...


Blocking Plus



For the planning we had to submit at least 3 dialogue lines, 10 seconds max, plus video reference of ourselves acting out the scenes. It was really a lot of work to find some decent audio lines that inspired me to animate. For every student going into Class 4 I can only recommend to start looking for clips early! It saves a bit of the headache...


  1. Hi, i really love your planning approach and your blog is a source of inspiration for me. I will just like to know how you ended up with so many keys for our blocking. i thought the blocking phase was to have only the main story telling keys.

  2. hey zpixel... thanks for the comment!
    well the blocking should communicate what happens in the scene, there should be no doubt about the action and the emotion. so the amount of poses depends on what is happening in a shot, and who you show the blocking to. in this case I was fairly certain what I wanted and put a little bit more detail into the first pass.


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