Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New website

I wanted to create a website for years to be able to show my portfolio, this year I felt like I had to get it done for the job search after Animation Mentor and for the fmx conference. So thanks to my sister Sabine, I managed to put something up :)
Feel free to check my latest reel and resume at

I am planning on adding more stuff to the site, such as animation clips from the feature projects I worked on and probably a links section, right now it is still pretty basic. You can also download the reel as a quicktime.

I registered at too, which seems to have become a very popular and widely used video platform, especially for animation. You can find me here.

I was very happy to find my reel featured on Jean-Denis Haas' animation blog Spungella!
Wohoo :)

This week's featured artbook is called "Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Archive Series - Animation". I got it for my birthday and it's full of big-size animation drawings from many major Disney animated movies. It's so great to be able to study the drawings of the masters this way, almost as if you're holding the precious original drawings :)

There are two more books of the series so far, one about Story and the other about Design.

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