Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Journey is over

Hey guys!

I've neglected the blog a little bit in the past few months, and I won't have much to post during this summer either :)
My last day on the AM campus was June 18th, and now I'm officially an alumni of the school, hence the new badge logo. I will be getting my diploma at the end of the month at the graduation ceremony in San Francisco. Before that I'll stop by L.A. for this year's Siggraph conference, and in August I will have two weeks left to see some more places in California with my girlfriend. Wohooo!

I'm really looking forward to meeting my AM buddies and the staff in real life, after 18 months of text, chat and video communication.

I will be looking for new job opportunities starting September this year, and I'd love to work outside of Germany for a change. We'll see what comes up...

Finally I want to thank all the people who helped me get through this program, my family, my mentors, the AM staff, my fellow students, classmates and AM friends (yes you actually make friends on an online campus), and last but not least my girlfriend, who was very patient and understanding even though I worked almost every weekend and didn't have much time for social life. She was always there for me when I was down or I needed a push. So I'm very grateful, couldn't have done it without that support! I hope the whole thing pays off in the future :)

With that, back to travel preparation!! If any of you have some tips about must-visit-places in California and the southwest of the US please shoot me an email, we're still flexible :)

Have a great summer everyone!! We will make the best of it even though Germany won't be soccer champion...


  1. Ya tough break on the world cup, but at least you guys won the Eurovision. Can't be too greedy. ;)

    Congrats on finishing AM and I wish you all the best in the job hunt. I've loved all the stuff you came out with from AM so I would be surprised if you had a lot of trouble finding work. Enjoy you visit state side. :)

  2. Congrats on finishing strong!!! When you get to Cali, make sure you grub out at "In n' Out" (also request "animal fries" when you order your burger), chow down on some Korean BBQ (kalbi and bulgogi), and you can cool down with some refreshing frozen yogurt at places like Pink Berry, Ice Berry, or Red Mango! Have fun and GOOD LUCK down the road!!!


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