Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AM week 111

Week 111 was tough for me, because I worked on a freelance job doing previz for a live-action film, which took several full days. Moreover I started teaching at the macromedia FH in Munich, which I also had to prepare for...

In the end I could only work about 2 days on my AM assignments, which was not really enough to make the walk shine... I was happy that I brought the blocking pretty far the week before, with almost everything keyed on every second frame (on 2's for the animators out there, hehe). That saved my butt because I didn't have too much work cleaning up the motion, because most of it was pretty well defined.
The hip rotations and the legs still needed a lot of fine-tuning though.

So here's the final result of my "Personality Walk":

I also included Front- and Side-Views for clarity.

Sketches and pose for week 111 were about "Balance"


Looking at it now I find the pose pretty boring, but again, I wanted to go for something more "standard" because I didn't have much time for experimentation...

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