Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AM week 112 - Final Week of Class 1

Hey guys!

Here we are in the final week of the first term. I can't believe how quickly this has gone by.
I had an amazing time and wanted to mention my awesome classmates, who were always there to help and give critique, which is so important. Thanks to all of you and the best of luck! Although I don't mention names because of privacy, you guys know who you are ;)

Of course I want to say "Thaaaaanks" to my Mentor Mario Pochat as well, I think he did a great job and was super-motivated. The Q&A's were always fun and the critiques extensive and very helpful. So the students who get to be in his class this semester can count themselves lucky :)
Keep on rockin' Mario!

By the way, Mario is also a founder of "Vancouver Animation", a website focused on the animation business around the city of Vancouver, Canada. It has forums, news, a job-board and information about companies in the area.

This week we didn't have to do an assignment, except for assembling all of our animations into a so-called "Progress Reel", which shows our progress throughout the term.

So here you go, enjoy and leave some comments!

That's all for Class 1, sorry again for posting all this stuff so late! I hope I can do better in Class 2, after all this is fun :)

Take care everybody!
See you around...

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