Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AM Week 205 + 206

Hey everybody!

Here comes a quick update for the last two weeks. I didn't post much since I was busy preparing for the fmx conference in Stuttgart, which I attended from May 5th-7th. I wanted to update my demoreel so I could present it to some of the companies that were recruiting there. Not that I'm looking for a job right now, but first of all it's great to get some feedback on the demoreel, and apart from that I really want to hand in my stuff early, so they know I'm there if recruiting for future project starts early.

I'll probably write more about the fmx in another post...

Over the last 2 weeks I have been blocking and refining my Parkour assignment, so here is the blocking for week 205 and the blocking plus/refining for week 206.

This week I'll have to finish the piece and plan my next and last animation for the body mechanics class. Time sure does fly!

One more note: Pixar is opening a new animation studio in Vancouver, Canada! I find this to be surprising as well as amazing! There are many AM-students from Canada, so I'm sure they are working even harder now :)

Have a good week everybody!


  1. will you show us your demo reel sooner or later?

  2. I'm working on my website right now, and when it's done I'm definitely going to upload my showreel. I had to update it anyways for the fmx, so some of my latest work is in there.


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