Monday, January 12, 2009

First week done

It's week 2 already, and the first week at AM was great! Basically we were introduced to the website and could start to familiarize ourselves with all the content. Moreover we had the first Q+A (video conference), where we met the other students and Mario, our Mentor. It's so interesting that students have such diverse backgrounds and different reasons for coming to Animation Mentor. But then, it's also interesting to find out what we have in common :)
I even know one of the students from my class (not personally though...)!

Usually we will get an assignment each week, which we have to hand in by the end of the week. By having these regular deadlines you're not tempted to postpone your work, which will help me a lot, I'm sure. I can't go "aah whatever, I'll do it tomorrow...".
This week I'll go out to find some places where I can draw people, do quick sketches and learn about body posture. I'm sure my drawing skills have gotten quite rusty...

Have a good week!

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