Monday, January 19, 2009

News from Week 3 + Week 2 Assignment

Hi everybody!

It's week 3, and I'm having a really good time at AM. This week will be a little more stressful since I'm doing a small animation job at animoto here in Munich, which will not leave too much time for the AM community. What's more, this week we'll have to do our first animation assignment - the famous and never-out-of-fashion bouncing ball!

I hope I'll have the time to shoot some video reference of different balls, unfortunately my 10€ volleyball from the sports-discounter has already lost most of it's air :)

Tonight I also received my first critique from my Mentor Mario, which was really great to see! This is what I've been missing the last 2 years - getting regular valuable feedback on my work and learning from it. So cool...

In case you wonder when I'll ever stop babbling and start posting some nice colorful images again, now is the time! The following pictures is what I uploaded as my first assignment - sketches from public places or my surroundings and a 3D-interpretation of one of those poses.



That's all for now, I promise to post more soon! I still have my work experience in store for you, hopefully with many trailers and images, if I'm allowed to post them.
Moreover I want to tell you about the two Disney Exhibitions that can be seen in Munich at the moment. I went to both of them and they're amazing! More on that later...

Good Night!

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