Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

First post on my first blog, hello world! As well as thinking about the Animation Mentor program for a couple of years now ( for those unfamiliar with it) i wanted to start an animation blog for quite a while.
Now I finally got around to it. I hope some of the stuff I'll post from now on will be of interest to readers or maybe help other animation students out there.

I sure learned a lot about animation and the industry from the many generous bloggers out there, who spend much time and effort on their sites. Some of them can be found in the links section.

Tomorrow, January 5th 2009, will be my first day of school at Animation Mentor. I had enough time to prepare, and I'm ready and excited to start. On this blog I plan to document my experiences in the program, post some animations, work in progress, sketches, and general impressions about the school. Although of course the students are not allowed to talk about any details, teaching material or other interna, we can post our own work on personal blogs. In doing so, students can share their experience with people outside of the school and get some more opinions and feedback on their work.

So if you like, please comment, critique my work, or just say hi.
I hope I will have the time and discipline to post regularly...

Thanks in advance for reading and participating, and all the best for a healthy and successful year 2009.


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